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Alexey Tyukalov

Today we would like to introduce you to the multiple champion of the world, one of the strongest representatives in the armlifting in the world - Alexey Tyukalov.

IRON WORLD: Now we know Alexey Tyukalov as one of the strongest armlifters of the planet, and from what you started when you have a love of the sport and of the types that you did?

Alexey Tyukalov: The age of four began to engage in the House of physical culture in different groups for children. With eight years went on the box and up to eighteen acted on Boxing tournaments, at the district, city, regional, zonal tournaments, in a military school in St. Petersburg played for the national team. There's also carried away by the hand-to-hand fight under the Victor Kozak, he is my coach from 1997 to this day. Grip carried away by relatively recently, about three years ago.

IW.: When did you understand that you will achieve great results in force grip? The power in the hands of thanks to the skill or genetics?

A.T.: Training+genetics=result.

IW.: If not a secret, what plans do you have an athlete in 2013? In any disciplines will be and what the results are going to show?

A.T.: 2013 planned to start with the annual January tournament fix in Los Angeles, but on a number of technical issues did not get there, although the head of the company IRONMIND insisted. In March spent a great start in the Championship of Russia held in Ramenskoe, experienced new shells. In the summer in the plans of the tournament A-1 in Moscow and it is an invitation to Northern California FitExpo, which will be held in Santa Clara, I guess I'll go. At successful coincidence of circumstances plan to hold the international tournament on «NordicPro FitExpo» in Finland.

IW.: Your favorite discipline in armlifting, why?

A.T.: Favorite discipline is the “Silver Bullet”, as no one reflects the power endurance.

IW.: Write their best results in such disciplines as: «Apollons Axle», «Silver Bullet», «Rolling Thunder», SOS and on what competitions are you doing?

A.T.: «Apollons Axle»- on training successfully took 210 kg, in the mode of the tournament 202,5 on the A-1 in the year 2012.

«Rolling Thunder» is the most unpredictable shell, because even though the manufacturer claims that rolling identical, in practice the difference of the results. On average I have from 115 up to 148 kg were successful approaches.

«Silver Bullet» - I set a world record at the tournament in Finland, with the most severe judgment, carefully sealed in the video. In January Mike Burke (USA) exceeded my result for more than 1 second, but confirming the video no one saw.

Certified to the SOS №3, in plans of the further development of grippers and SOS No. of 3.5.

IW.: What do you like in the development of armlifting as a sport, and what is not?

A.T.: Armlifting - is democratic kind of sport, everyone can try himself in it without the risk of injury, but if the goal is the result, without extensive training, of course, can not do. And when, at a raised platform there are two-meter giant with a weight of one and a half stone and 90 kilos armwrestler or fighter - not the fact that he will overcome his enemy with a large dimensions.

IW.: Do you think, what you need to do in order to unite and clearly record the findings in such discipline as «Rolling Thunder»?

A.T.: A clear vision of monitoring results on the «Rolling Thunder» I have not, perhaps, there is a sense log the results in this particular tournament, when all the participants compete on a single projectile and in equal conditions.

IW.: Who think the best армлифтерами in the world, naming the names of the sportsmen, about what their results we would need to know?

A.T.: Of foreign sportsmen - professional strong men Michael Burke and mark Felix, which is not one year show high results in the grip.

From the Russian - Sergey Daragan out of competition with phenomenal grip, but he is in powerlifting, where he became the champion of the world in the autumn of this year in Las Vegas. As armwrestler Evgeny Khrychkin is one of the officially certified masters SOS №3, withdrew from participation in the competition and switched to coaching and managerial work. Not to mention Vanya Beritashvili - he is a multiple champion and the champion of the world in the various disciplines of the force grip, winning the much more dimensional opponents.

In Finland - the legendary veteran tournaments fix Juha Harju not give up their positions and, perhaps, the only at the present moment a man who clearly closed SOS №4 with Parallels.

In Ukraine strong Stas Саприн, Andrey Sharkov, and of course Igor Kupinsky.

In Romania, met with the рукоборцем John Puskasu - giant with the greatest force of arms, easily covering the SOS No. of 3.5, the RT raised 105 kg, unfortunately, other rounds, he is not fond of.

IW.: How do you think, what the discipline of the force grip in the future will be the most interesting for the fans?

A.T.: The most common in a constructive manner shells - the most spectacular, the same «Apollons Axle». Now in the process of the project on manufacture of the original complex for exercises "fishing Viking" from IRONMIND.

IW.: In your opinion, in what countries and continents will Planck championship in the development of the force grip as sport and why?

A.T.: In Russia and Ukraine dynamically develops armlifting, including thanks to Nikolay Vitkevich and Andrey Sharkov. A lot of athletes from various sports try their strength. Established techniques, training program. The number of sooner or later transformed into quality. In the United States and Europe tournaments fix are much longer time, but we have already occurred them on his heels and in some exercises have left behind.

I would like to separately mention the participation of the media person, as the famous Russian actor and TV presenter Sergey Badyuk. I believe that armlifting lucky that we have such a well-known man, who with his performances and victories in the disciplines of the force grip promote our sport.

IW.: Name the best and most significant event on the strength of grip in the world and their dates.

A.T.: One of the most large-scale tournaments fix - January in Los Angeles, as a recent tournament in «Arnold classic», the Finnish «NordicPro». Of the more close - now-regular Championships of Russia and Ukraine. And, of course, already traditional A-1.

We wish Alexey further successes, victories and records in the world of sports platforms!