Alexey Voevoda

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Alexey Voevoda

Alexey Voevoda

Alexey Voevoda (may 9, 1980, Sochi) - Russian athlete, member of the Olympic national team of Russia bobsleigh at the Olympics in Turin, where won the silver medal in the crew-four.

Alexey Voevoda before moving in bobsleigh became the twice world champion in armwrestling.


Armwrestler from Sochi Alexey Voevoda - three-time world champion.

Was born in Sochi on may 9, 1980.

On a horoscope - Taurus.

Tactical-technical characteristics of the Magistrates:

The growth of 194 cm.

Weight 121 kg.

The volume of bicep - 55 cm.

Master of sports of the international class on armwrestling and bobsleigh is the best system in the world. Graduated from Sochi University of tourism and resort business. Owns the technique of hand-to-hand combat. He worked in the security firms and as a security guard for. Now studies in postgraduate study of Sochi University at the faculty of Economics. Unmarried.

The signs before the competition: do not forget to put in your pocket a little icon of St. George, and before the fight - three times to be rebaptized again. Dad was a party worker, in good standing in its system - in Sochi, he was transferred to the first Deputy of the Chairman of the city Executive Committee. He took his son to the sport.

With 6 years in karate. In my childhood summers spent in Ukraine in the village of Kalinovitsa a grandfather, where he helped him on the farm, herd cows. At the age of 14 lifted Zaporozhets, could place the jump seat. After the future Olympic champion he graduated from the school, there were questions - what to be and where to go to study. In the same year he enrolled in Sochi the Russian people's friendship University on economic faculty, and then transferred the «on-budget» in college, the faculty of physical education. But the dream was - in the higher police school. And not somewhere, and in Rostov-on-don - in those days the University was one of the most prestigious. Alexey Voevoda did not pass at the entrance to... physical culture! Practicing in the basement of the school №8.

Alexey Voevoda - the only one in the region Merited master of sports of the two disciplines - bobsleigh and in arm-wrestling. In Sochi Alexey first sport receive recognition thanks to armwrestling, but not without incidents: it turned out that the «honored» gives only to those who are to achieve the result trained not less than five years. And if fulfilled the norm for a year and a half of training - that's kind of like the title of not supposed to. Began to think and wonder, look for workarounds. «Honored» Alexei, of course, gave. The most surprising is that with бобслеем history repeating itself... In bobsleigh Alexey came in 2002, in may - not the most suitable time of the year for winter sport. And came immediately into the national team. More precisely - ran: the test starts in the city of Voronezh in sneakers ahead in the race with «car» a hundred kilograms of weight, Olympians. After this incident, Leychenko - national coach - bought Alexey his first spike wonderful light-green colors. And in them in the following tests Alexey among disperse immediately became the third.