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Armlifting - (arm-lifting - lifting with the hand) - power sport competitions at the force grip.

In Armlifting weight it is necessary to raise in a round knob diameter of 60 mm. - simulator, developed by IronMind in 1993 and registered it under the trademark of «Rolling Thunder», literally translated - «rolling thunder»). As such, the exercise comes from the deadlift one hand, in a prominent place in the history of the power of sport; but Armlifting more complex that combines the basic exercise in to the cravings with an inconvenient form of the handle, which is very hard to hold in the palm of your hand. The design of the handles is that when lifting the weight of the entire burden of the hand and forearm (it was originally designed as a simulator for the relevant groups of muscles).

Rolling Thunder has established itself as a world standard power grip, including as one of the three elements of competition «GNC Grip Gauntlet». As in the case with gripper «Captains of Crush» the results shown with the use of a simulator «thunder», are recorded in the rating list IronMind and are the main indicator of the force grip of the strongest people in the world.

Competitions on Armlifting are interesting because of its unpredictable nature: their result, it is difficult to predict the appearance of the participants, as it does not depend on the General physical development, namely from the strength of the grip of the hand. Competitions on Armlifting are often carried out as an entertainment at mass events or as additional competition for other power disciplines (powerlifting and t . p.). It happens that the audience, which in the end of the competition are invited to try to lift the weight, show the best result, the participants of the contest.

In 2010, the beginning of a new stage in the development of Armlifting, was created World Armlifting Association - the international Association of Armlifting, and, thanks to the leading positions of the Russian athletes and their recognized authority in the world was elected its President Filimonov Alexander Medvedev, the President of the Russian Association of armwrestling. Since the establishment of the Association of Armlifting were successfully carried out dozens of tournaments of different levels. In these competitions the force grip take part with pleasure armwrestlers, powerlifters, strong men, weightlifters, wrestlers. In the same year 2010 in the city of Podolsk in the team championship of Moscow region in armwrestling held the first official competitions on the strength of grip in Russia.