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Armwrestling (Wrestling on the hands or Armsport; from Arm sport, arm wrestling, where the arm - forearm - a form of martial arts. During the match the names of the hands of competitors are placed on a hard flat surface (as a rule, a table), and hands are chained to the castle. The task of the competitive рукоборца is when pressing the hand of the enemy to the surface. The participants of the duel is superimposed a number of temporary, technical and tactical restrictions (see for details: the Rules).

In spite of the fact that armwrestling is not an Olympic sport, fight on his hands has a great popularity in many parts of the world.


To participate in the contest athletes are allowed only in sports clothes and sports footwear. Hands up to the mid-arm and wrist should be naked.

It is prohibited to use any of protecting bandages and dressings on the wrists and elbows, and also to have the wedding rings and rings on his fingers.

The hands of the participants should be clean, without signs of skin diseases, fingernails cut short. Baseball caps should be removed or rotated visor ago. It is allowed to use the Shoe on thick soles, the height of the soles is not limited. In the mouth should not be chewing gum.

In the Championships and Championships of Russia, each team-participant must act in its own unified sports form, reflecting the name of the region (city)that it represents.

Use on clothes and shoes logos and trademarks of commercial firms and organizations is allowed only with the permission of the organizers of the competitions.

The time allotted to exit the athlete to fight after the announcement of the names of the judge-informant should not exceed two minutes. Otherwise, the athlete will be counted defeat.

The starting position of the athletes should take the hand so that the referee saw the large joints of the fingers and had the opportunity to control the correctness of capturing the feel of them with his finger.

The grip must be located above the center of the table (in a vertical position). Elbows can be installed in any place of the elbow, wrist and forearm should form a straight line.

Free hand athlete should take the pin of the table.

The shoulders of the participants of the duel should be parallel to the edge of the table and not go for the test line.

Each participant of the fight might wish to rest one foot in the near to myself the table stand. You can shove his foot in a distant herself from the table stand, if it does not cause objections of the opponent. In case of objections of the opponent's leg from the long-distance rack table needs to be removed.

The match begins at the command «Ready! Go!» and ends with the command «Stop!».

The victory is awarded to the athlete in any touch of the fingers, wrist, or forearm opponent with a roller, or when crossing the conditional horizontally between the upper edges of rollers.

In case of failure of capture or announcements warning the participants have the right to rest for 30 seconds.

After the first break capture the hands of athletes should be linked special belt.

The rest of sportsmen before the repeated match of the finals should not exceed 3 minutes.

Violation of the rules of competition. These include:

  • Failure to follow the commands of the referee.
  • Early start.
  • The separation of the elbow of the arm.
  • Sliding off the elbow on the armrest.
  • The intersection of the middle line of the table's head, shoulders.
  • The touch of your head or shoulder of his forearm or capture hands.
  • Deliberate gap capture in non-critical problems.
  • The use of provisions, which may result in an injury of his own hands.
  • Provoking a situation in which your opponent's hand may be damaged.
  • Loss of contact free hand to the table.

For the violation of the rules of the athlete shall be declared warning. The athlete, who had received two warnings, the scoresheet.

If an athlete breaks the rules in a critical for themselves the situation, then it shall be considered a defeat. Critical situation is considered to be the deviation of the hands of the sportsman, from vertical to 45 degrees and more.

The athlete may not be admitted to the fight, if he is in a state of alcohol (narcotic intoxication.

It is prohibited to use of stimulant drugs.

The threat, insult or injury of a member of the Ground jury or the participant of competition athlete removed from the competition, it is not determined, goggles team will be awarded.

Wrestling technique

«Top» - the withdrawal of the attackers capture wrist movement to itself with pronation.

«Direct traffic» is on the team referee attacker sharply accented movement flexes his wrist and his brush pushes the right brush the attacker.

«Pulling» - the attacker supinating his hand, not letting go capture, and bent brush draws a brush rival to him.

«The hook of the lower» - the attacker supinating your hand, and in this position in the seizure of trying to overcome the resistance of the opponent (purely military action)is the most famous type of struggle.

«The hook of the top» - athlete as well as the wrestling on horseback just not giving a stretch at the start goes in the side pronating wrist of the opponent (differs from the bottom of the hook so that the pressure on the hand of the opponent turns out to be mostly middle and index finger).

«Triceps» - at the start of the athlete moves his shoulder in the direction of the opponent at the same time pulling the brush opponent to himself and Triceps pins him to the pillow.