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Bench press - it's a basic exercise with free weights. Performing the exercise lies down on the bench, lowers the neck bar to touch the chest and raises to complete the rectification of the elbow joint. Is used in bodybuilding as an exercise for the development of the pectoral muscles, triceps and front beam deltoid muscle. Is one of the major disciplines in powerlifting (along c squats and deadlift), which is different from bodybuilding exercise: with the aim of regime maximum weight tense triceps, front beams of a Delta of the muscles and the muscles of the back; the role of the pectoral muscles significantly reduced.

In bodybuilding variation of technology bench press allows you to emphasize the load on the different muscles. When performing the bench press with narrow grip greater burden placed on the internal departments of the pectoral muscles and the triceps. Grief can be lowered on the upper part of the chest, middle, and lower, to prevent stagnation in the growth of muscles. Variants of the bench press is also the bench on the simulator Smith, dumbbell bench press and inclined bench press.

During the bench press on the incline bench worked out the uppermost parts of the chest muscles (if the exercise is carried out in the situation, when the head is above the feet) or the lower parts of the chest (if the exercise is carried out head down).

Dumbbell bench press allows to lower weight in the bottom point of the significantly lower, as grief rod allows to lower weight of only up to the chest. In addition, during the regime of dumbbells, you can change the trajectory of motion, balance weights to each other at the top, squeeze the dumbbells, located in parallel to each other, that allows you to use the new bundles of muscle and acts on them differently.

Bench press on the simulator allows you to perform Smith exercise without insurance, but significantly affect the amplitude of movement, limiting it.

When using a large weight performing the exercise, as a rule, is assisted by insuring, and at the press of a very large weight - two-three insuring.

Interesting facts

Maryana Naumova, 11 year-old schoolgirl from Moscow, the Russian athlete in powerlifting (bench bar lying) on December 19, 2010 at the tournament «Worldlifting» (Moscow, VVC), to which she was invited with exponential performance, set an absolute world record among all existing federations of powerlifting in the bars regime lying without the use of equipment (RAW), in the category " girls up to 14 years. Maryana Naumova submitted weight, equal to 60 kilograms. The record of the young champion was recorded in the «Book of records of Russia» - the Russian analogue of the «Guinness Book of records».

An absolute world record in экипировочной version (UPA) belongs to the American athlete Ryan Kennely and is 486 kg (1070 pounds); the IPF an absolute record in the bench press is 352,5 kg and belongs to the American Brian Sanders.

The absolute record of Russia in the bench press without equipment was installed by Kirill Sarychev on the tournament "Battle of Champions 2012" in the city. Arkhangelsk and is 315 kg RAW.