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What is Fitness

Put bluntly: fitness - not physical training, although it is the word that immediately comes to mind at the mention of gymnastics strength exercises, and other sports loads, which are an integral part of fitness. The concept of "fitness" is much broader than the alternation of crunches and sit-UPS, Jogging or daily visits to the swimming pool. And it is very good: it is unlikely that most of us have been preserved warm memories of school physical education classes or industrial gymnastics.

Fitness (from English to be fit - "be in the form of") is an active way of life, harmoniously combining exercise and proper nutrition. It gives people an excellent state of health and mood, improves the appearance and improves the health.

The word "fitness" of the English; the first fitness clubs emerged in the United States. But the idea of fitness is not new, it dates back to the epoch of antiquity. It is interesting to follow the development of ideas about fitness, from ancient times to our days.

Fitness in ancient times

In ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, there was a cult of athleticism, healthy and beautiful body. Supposed to watch and for his spiritual state, as it was considered, that the hero must be inherent in not only the courage and cheerfulness, but also self-discipline, balance, the ability to manage both their movements, and feelings.

The theory of harmonious development of the spiritual and physical qualities have developed many great thinkers of antiquity: the philosophers Plato and Aristotle, the famous physician Hippocrates. The Greek and Roman athletes to pursue a combination of internal and external beauty and health. Those, who devoted his life to various kinds of sports (mainly running, swimming, discus and javelin, the management of the chariot), in his art reached perfection. In time of peace athletics was, as they say now, an elite profession, the lot of the chosen ones. And at the time of the Olympic games even stopped the war, suggesting a deep reverence Greeks to the sporting competitions. And the revival of the Olympic games in 1896, served this purpose - strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding throughout the world, raising interest in sports and active life.

And in our time, many, like the ancient athletes, dedicate their life fitness, improved in this field themselves and train others. A lot of professional athletes, having finished a career, continue to engage in the gym to stay in good shape. They train for his own pleasure, without the high loads, inherent in the world of big sports. In any case, fitness "for yourself" does not bring a less good and moral satisfaction than the competition.

Modern medical opinion on the fitness

All existing fitness exercises can be divided into five groups (according to the principle of development of physical qualities). Cardio programme (developing aerobic endurance). These include walking, Jogging, Biking, aerobics, interval workouts, dancing, some kinds of martial arts and, of course, diving. These exercises are recommended for improvement of cardiac activity and blood circulation. The power of the program - the program of training may include a variety of exercises, the purpose of which is to strengthen the development of muscles of the torso. The exercises can be done with the help of the burden of his own body, and using the additional weights (free weights, mechanical simulators, the burdens and accessories hall group programmes). Program, developing high-speed and explosive quality. In this category might include all sports games with the ball, plyometric exercises. According to the type of performing these exercises are short and at the same time the rapid Training of fast movements useful not only in танцклассе or on the football field, but also for a walk on a complex route, on a slippery road. Programme on the development of coordination of movements, balance and stability. The program, aimed at the development of the flexibility.

As a rule, in one program we develop the quality of several groups. That is, in practice fitness program represents a harmonious combination of exercises from all the mentioned groups, but each one of our clients choose with the help of specialists of fitness it is the program that are relevant it is for him.