Natural bodybuilding and chemical bodybuilding

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Natural bodybuilding and chemical bodybuilding

Today having a beautiful body is fashionable. Everyone wants to have big muscles and relief and a beautiful figure. And, of course, bodybuilding is the best way to competently and in proportion to build his own body. Bodybuilding is the only kind of sport, the main task of which is to harmonious and proportional development of all muscle groups in accordance with the established standard. The analysis of correctness of proportions is carried out on the relevant competitions.

There is not the slightest power successes of the athlete. Of fundamental importance is only a consequence of the - as far as the body is close to the standard. However, it has its own subtleties and nuances. This type of sport is divided professional and natural bodybuilding.

Chemical bodybuilding

The main priority of the professional bodybuilding is the construction of a beautiful body, of any «material». I.e. the professional bodybuilding is a sport «on the verge of medicine». Here the athletes are widely used various chemical additives, accelerating protein synthesis and restoration of the body, due to which the growth of muscle mass is at times faster.

The most pressing problem bodybuilders professionals is the use of doping. Anabolic steroids and other «chemistry», addictive, and undermine the health of the athletes. However, many well-known in the sports personality of the claim that have achieved their success without the use of anabolic steroids, but, alas, the reality of the sport looks different.

Natural bodybuilding

Natural bodybuilding is a sport, which is done by people who are unwilling to take pharmacology.

This type of sport, in spite of the fact that here also, as in the professional major priority is the reference body, has from his fundamental differences. In natural bodybuilding, in order to pump large and beautiful muscles athletes have to spend much more time and effort.

It is time to realize that being engaged in this sport, You will never be able to have such a body, which have the athletes, who take anabolic steroids. However, You also can and avoid the relevant bodybuilding to the chemistry of the consequences.

Choosing natural bodybuilding, You will have to train hard in a long, waiting for the desired results. But Your body would be healthy. Because the use of chemical additives have a negative impact on the work of the heart, kidneys and liver.

From the point of view of medicine, a strong increase in muscle due to the use of steroids is called hypertrophy of muscle tissue. Many beginners looking at the photo professional bodybuilders seriously thinking about how to start taking steroids. However, not all give yourself a full report not only the consequences, but also in the required quantities of chemicals. You should be aware that several bundles of protein to achieve similar results to confine themselves to not be able to.

Each of these athletes consume a large quantity of steroids. Without using chemicals, he simply would not take such a body. As an example, You may want to consider a famous bodybuilder Dorian to worry. In his youth he was an ordinary guy, medium build body. But thanks to анаболикам was able to increase the muscle mass, from which not one man in a natural bodybuilding cannot be equal in principle.

In our time, in Russia there is the so-called Federation of natural bodybuilding, conducting competitions in this kind of sport.

Thinking to go in for bodybuilding, first of all, determine the kind of results You want to come, and what price are ready to pay for them.

Bodybuilding with chemistry will allow You in the shortest possible time to achieve significant results, but also the consequences of the use of steroids in the future may make You repeatedly regret it.

Natural bodybuilding is an opportunity to build a beautiful and proportional to the body without harm for health. However, the results will have to develop for many years. But believe me, after 10-12 years of regular trainings You can so abruptly change their body, that the need for any chemical preparations You have simply does not arise.

To put it another way, swaying with anabolics - You sacrifice the health, swaying natural - time. But remember, that in this life there is little that comes to us by a principle «all and at once».

You are to choose

However, natural bodybuilding, bodybuilding with chemistry have not only the differences, but also similarities. And here and there the athletes have to comply with the mode of nutrition, sleep and certain dose loads on every muscle group.

Choosing bodybuilding with chemistry, You will have to work not less than choosing natural.

But in both cases, little attention should be on proper nutrition.

Ignoring its role is often significantly weakens the anabolic effect and increases the appropriate side effects in professional bodybuilding. And, accordingly, may also adversely affect the health of the people, who have chosen natural.

The effectiveness of steroids increases significantly with the use of high calorie and protein foods. For the athletes, who have chosen the «chemistry» optimal daily intake of calories is 5000-6000 kcal.

The proportions in both cases the following:

60% of food is simple carbohydrates

20% of the full-fledged proteins

20% fats

Violation of this diet natural bodybuilders can lead to unnecessary stress on the cardiovascular system (since the body will not receive a sufficient amount of energy required for the exercise).

And for bodybuilders, taking chemical preparations «malnutrition» or the wrong foods can lead to malfunction of steroids. If the break proportions in favor of fatty food, this can lead to a serious increase of a level of cholesterol in the blood serious heart disease.

Athletes, giving the advantage of steroids that is, you should avoid eating too much fat. This considerably increases the risk of heart disease, which and without that is fraught with the use of steroids.

Also any of the us types of bodybuilding requires the proper mode of training. Incorrect training will not give the desired results in bodybuilding with steroids and may be no less harmful in natural bodybuilding.

In other words, before bodybuilders (users and do not use steroids) are the same obstacles.

Namely, in order to grow muscle you need to:

To perform the maximum number of repetitions

Provide the relevant substances that are necessary for muscle growth.

One of the most important substances needed to meet both of these conditions is testosterone. Without this hormone is impossible potency and respectively penis. In other words, the successful bodybuilding requires the same thing and sex. So every bodybuilder sooner or later confronted with the question: how to increase testosterone? «Chemists» are used for this purpose, the corresponding chemical fertilizers, and lovers of natural bodybuilding go natural, natural way.

Good health and properly chosen diet - guarantee of good potency. An important signal for the bodybuilder is the absence of the morning penis, which speaks of overtraining. In other words, in the absence of it there will be no muscle growth.

Because natural bodybuilding implies a healthy diet and improve the health of the organism as a whole, he, respectively, and improves potency. Regular sex is also increases the level of testosterone. One does not preclude, while the professional bodybuilders avoid sex before a competition. This is explained by unwillingness to spend трудновосполнимый supply of this hormone.

Thus, the choice between natural and chemical bodybuilding only for You. Remember that in both cases You will be required to follow a healthy diet and exercise. A beautiful body - this is primarily the result of long and thorough compliance with sports mode, but not the consequence of receiving steroids.

P.S. How else to increase testosterone, pursuing a body Builder?

A few years ago, the Scandinavian scientists have conducted studies on the relationship of physical activity and the level of testosterone.

And in the course of these studies was found to have one very interesting fact:

Exercises for large muscles in the number of repetitions typical for bodybuilding leads to a significant increase in the level of testosterone.

There is also another interesting fact. For the growth of small muscles of the required training large. I.e. in order to, for example, grew muscles of the arms or chest you need to train legs. This is explained by the fact that during the load on the large muscles in huge quantity produced HGH - Human Growth Hormone (HGH), thanks to which grow muscles.

Thus, bodybuilding exercises involving lots of muscles (ex. squats) will allow You to achieve the following results:

- Raise the level of testosterone

- Increase the level of HGH