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Power Extreme (Strongman) - kind of sport in which athletes compete custom strength exercises. For example, the most common competitive disciplines include: a push of a log rocker, rocks Atlas, farm walk... In contrast to bodybuilding, the appearance of the athletes did not have a crucial meaning and only affects the sympathy of the audience. Unlike powerlifting, movements are not standard and may vary from start to start. Moreover, on different tournaments different weights applied loads. Thus, the power extreme nominates the highest requirements to the functional readiness of the athlete, forces it to be improved in a large number of exercises. Competitions on power extreme are mostly regarded as spectacular show, because the rules it set the organizers of the show. The basis of competition in the power extreme form a power test and they for each event can change, so athletes will never know what tests they will come up with the organizers. On this is based the whole fascination of the competition, the athlete should be ready for any test. The basis of the athletes in the power extremes are former athletes officers of powerlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting and wrestling, had succeeded in their sports serious results. However, the powr extreme it is something else and all his skills athletes officers may not use without serious preparation of the power extreme. After all, in the extreme no rods, trainers, here athletes need the power of a weightlifter, and endurance of the fighter, and many other qualities. Dr. Douglas Edmunds and his colleagues were invented more than two hundred competitions on power extreme. At the present time in the programs of the competition is used 6-8 competitions from this rich arsenal.

History of development of Power Extreme

The concept of "the Strongest in the world of men," as it was originally, was developed in 1977 Incom David Webster, from Scotland. The international Federation of power athletes «International Federation of the Strongest Athlets» (IFSA) was established in 1995 by David Webster and his colleague Dr. Douglas Edmunds and is based in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. The President of IFSA, after the departure of David Webster, is a well-known athlete, " Dr. Douglas Edmunds. In Europe the power extreme immediately became a separate independent kind of sports. It was called then «strongman» from a combination of two English words strong - strong man is the man (the man). In Russia it is also called «the great gate games». In Russia in 2003 was set up his own «Professional League of Power Extreme», abbreviated (P.L.S.E). Vladimir Turchinsky became President P.L.S.E). Impetus for the creation of «Professional League of the Power of Extreme sports» was a complete failure of the Ukrainian sportsmen at the international competitions