Weightlifter training

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Weightlifter training

From the very beginning I would like to say: there are many views on how to put the techniques and I don't want to pretend to the truth in the last instance, just want to Express my opinion.

The staging of equipment I would divide into a number of stages, the fact that the technique of classical exercises is better to study in parts, but not together, I must break a complex movement on a few simple. Learn all the simple motion, and then put them together in one complex. But why is it necessary to do so? Why, for example, did not immediately examine the pull or push the whole of it. For what would be the answer to this question requires a number of distraction from our theme and look at the physiology of the human body. The scientists found that mental functions are distributed between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The function of the left hemisphere is the operation of verbal information, as well as read and count. The function of the right-manipulation of images, orientation in space and coordination of movements. The abstract-logical (verbal) level of thinking with the help of the left hemisphere, can process not more than 100 pieces of information per second, while in figurative and сенсомоторном (engine) level, are already using, the right hemisphere to ten million units of information. Thanks to this feature of our brain, «mind-body» exempted «chains of reason», almost instantly launches the desired motor reaction, unless of course she laid there. That is why a real master does not think about how to accomplish the movement, and is adjusted to the maximum effort.

However, the choice of those or other movements of our bio-computer can carry out only from the number of those who were there driven. So to put them there requires repetition, not less than 5 thousand times for each simple gesture. Besides the easy movement simple to do and using multiple repetition easier «write on a crust». In order to make the movement could not hesitate.

Now I want to look in detail at the applicable exercise. First, we will deal with snatch with direct the standing. The initial position , the athlete's right, the weight of the body is closer to the soles of the feet, then hands (lifting hands is called the unit) slightly helping feet boom goes up and this is followed by a sharp care barbell and placed it in ryvkovom of the scornful. Well, then naturally rise.

What you should pay attention when performing exercises: body Weight should be distributed throughout the foot, that is not to fall on his toes, as during the drive, and at the time of the departure of the squat and in the heart of the scornful. The trainers of this provision is formulated more clearly; «with heels on the heels». The purpose of this exercise is «задолбить», completely automate a quick and efficient care to jump in the squat. And it is very important to make the first steps, because sometimes there are great strong guys who tear in a rack, or half-squats decent weight but in the squat sharply leave may not, this is due to the fact that at one time they were not able to automate this skill. This exercise will is the main during the whole period of the production technology. Of course this exercise perfectly develops a sense of balance and equilibrium.

Lifting the breast is analogous to rise to the chest. All the same is pulling hands and abrupt departure barbell. Exercise works the sharpness of care.

Push press "push-to-run" care in low squat. The original position of the rod lying on his chest, body weight is distributed on the ground, then we must suddenly go to a bar in the low squat, the boom remains at arm's length. Work again should be based on the principle «with heels on the heels». This is an excellent exercise develops the sharpness of care, sense of balance, as well as automates the skill to do the message in push from the chest with heels, then boom will fly over his head, where she and she should fly. This skill is very important because if you do not fix it all the time will fail in push from her breast.

Weightlifter training

Good support exercise to швунгу care can serve as squats held push-Tu-run grip on his outstretched arms. This sub exercise develops the sense of balance and fine coordination.

Summing up the first stage of training, you can say:

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His mission:

--Develop the sense of balance and fine coordination;

--to instill the idea that the body weight should be distributed on the ground;

--develop the sharpness of care and improve the flexibility of the shoulder and ankle joints;

--lay the foundations of power training;

--begin to build рывковый and push-to-run «castle» is done with the the толчковых and рывковых sit-UPS.

Therefore at the first stage of training studies the following exercises:

--snatch with a direct rack in squat;

--Rise in the chest with a direct rack in squat;

--Push-to-run care in squat;

As additional exercises are used:

--Squats on shoulders;

--Squats on his chest;

--Squats ryvkovye;

--Squats on his outstretched hands held push-Tu-run grip;

--Traction power with a small weight;

--Bench bar in the inclination of 45 degrees;

--Bench bar from the head;

--Bends through the goat.

Approximate program might look like.

Monday Slopes through the goat 4*10

Squats (large) 5*10

Dash with a direct rack 7*5

Press while standing over the top of 4*10

Medium Rise to the chest with a direct rack 4*6

Squats held

push-Tu-run grip on his outstretched arms 4*6

Швунг push-to-run care 5*8

Squats on his chest 5*10

The bench in the tilt of 4*10

Friday Slopes through the goat 4*10

Dash with a direct rack 4*6

Squats ryvkovye 4*10

Bench of the heads of the standing 4*6

The thrust of 4*6

In the second part of our story I would like to focus your attention on the snatch. I was suddenly struck by a strange idea: we are from the pull accustomed to doing something incredibly complex, and eventually turned it into a sort of power of acrobatics. Putting in the technique of so many obscure the conventions, although the movement in itself is quite simple.

For clarity let's see what bugs usually arise in the head:

-- boom after the blast is not moving up and back, and the flies

-- is the max hands after the explosion, that is, the bar wasn't going to more or less vertical trajectory and describes the big arch in the air

-- in suicide is hit hips, from which boom again flying forward, that is, it goes

-- stop in undermining near the groin

-- and finally just weak uncertain undermining

Usually illiterate coaches begin in this case, the wildly yelling at his disciples, something like:-- «Not бедри», «don't stop». But all these screams they say about their low skills, and of ignorance of the biomechanics of the human body.

What do encounter these still right fatal errors, about which I at the time himself had filled bumps? And most importantly how to organise the learning process technology breakthrough that would avoid mistakes at all?

The answer is that all of these errors occur on two factors.

- incorrect distribution of the rate during the breakthrough, in most cases, a very quick start

- low level mounding boom back in the undermining of the

- underestimation of the role of the back-to-head

We greatly underestimate the value of the back of the head too much trust in the feet. But if we simply consider pull it turns out this picture.

Withdrawal (i.e start) is one of the legs, when the boom went knees and is at the level of the lower third of the thigh here already there is a zone of steps back. It remains to straighten back up and undermining it turns out perfect.

To understand this process and cease to fear the leap, you can while doing exercise - медленый the dash. But as long as we have not reached that point yet.

At this stage of research technology breakthrough must first examine the leap above the knees.

To do this, perform two exercises

--leap above the knee with a vis

--leap above the knees with terminals (for those who don't know, terminals is such a piece of wood on which you can put the barbell and do not keep it on Visu)

I want to say immediately, leap above the knees this exercise for back and if you want that would undermine was exact the leg work to minimize, of course legs should participate in the final part of undermining; they should be fully straighten up and should be output on a pair of socks. By the way on our wonderful pictures is clearly seen that the athlete works преймущественно back.

Another important point, leap above the knees not only develops such important things as the level mounding and work back, but he still gives you a sense of speed. That is, in order that would undermine the bar from a position below the knees first, the speed of acceleration should be small, then gradually increase and while passing the level groin it should be the highest. If it starts to drag very sharply the normal undermining't work, because it will stop at the level of the groin.

About care if the tug with direct the Stoics was worked out well, the care in the squat will happen automatically if it does not then along with the study of leap above the knees continue to «задалбливать» dash with a direct rack.

But here we are awaiting the next «underwater stones», namely weight in the head with a direct rack begin to grow and reach such a level that handles them already do not hold out.

What to do? Cover and help back, at the same time gaining a job back.

Another important point about which should be mentioned. This state of the shoulder girdle; a hanger to dissolve forward. The position of the body with the head above the knees should be as follows;

Feet almost straight slightly depreciated in the knees, lower back flat and is rigidly fixed, the entire weight of the rod is located on the lower back. Hanger dissolved ahead of it there is a chest does not «wheel» and in a few retracted position.

So what to dissolve the shoulders forward, to ensure that had reached the bar after the blast, but if the chest is «the wheel» that is very possible «Twister-вертелка».

At this stage of the study a breakthrough in the beginning of training before a jump very well do broach the рывковую. Advance provides good acting hands after the blast.

Advance is as follows start is the same as in dash level mounding back the same thing, but at all thus undermining the back is not a boom reaches out his hands as if pull with direct the Stoics.

At this stage of the study of the technology necessary to reduce the volume of the tug with a direct counter and included in the programme of leap above the knee in two of its varieties and рывковую broach which is done as a warm-up before a jump. Of course necessary and further to develop its power quality in such exercises like squats and bench press.

In this part of the story I would like some away from the subject of breakthrough and rise to the chest and stopped on the formulation of technology shock to the chest. At first glance it seems that the push from the chest thing is very simple, but it is only at first sight.

The basic terms of a good shock to the chest are as follows: the accuracy of the message-when the bar goes up and over his head, and the ability to implement the existing strength of legs. As well as clear in the care of a pair of scissors, which depends on the ability to be exempted from the rods after sending.

Prerequisites all these good things are such factors as: the message with full feet, the lack of «sticking» hands in the push from her breast. However, even if you dig a little deeper all of these factors depend only on one important point-is it convenient to boom will be lying on his chest, it was on the breast. Let me explain, if you take enough narrow grip that the following will happen; deltoid moved forward, chest fail and as a result of the neck will not lie on the chest and on the front of the Delta of the muscles, the largest share of the load will take on the hands, and that the most rotten in the push from her breast. Because if you send a neck hold the hands of the impetus will not go, as his hands will serve as a brake when the promise of rod with a chest. Because of all this, it should be concluded. You need to choose the position of the rod on the chest in which the vulture was lying exactly on the chest and the athlete when it would feel comfortable.

For the development of the correct position of the neck to the chest is necessary when setting the equipment to do the following exercises.

Keeping the bar on the chest without the aid of hands.

Rod lying on the racks. Need to expand the chest, make a small breath. Go to the neck and to take the position in which he would be comfortable would be lying on his chest. With all the hands Crouch, elbows forward but for neck them to clutch at. In such a situation it is necessary to remove the stem from the rack if it is correct then there is the feeling of comfort. What if the Breasts are not deployed the boom begins to slide forward.

From this position you can do squats on his chest without the aid of hands. You can also do small half-pushes, too, without the aid of hands. Then in the process of weight training in this exercise, you can increase. However, it is worth remembering that the increase in weight is not an end in itself, it is the sensation of feeling of comfort in the situation when the rod lying on his chest.

When this moment will be fine-you can move on to the next part of the development of the shock, the legs during a promise from her breast. Around this time navorocheno so many pseudo-scientific rubbish that and retell not worth it. What is important? clean and jerk is the same as jump. We should just sit as in the high jump up and jump. Of course with a great weight of any of the jump will not work. But the biomechanics of left.

For testing this point, you can perform the following exercises; jumping with a barbell on the chest, jump with a barbell on the breast + a clean and jerk with his chest in a pair of scissors, jumping with a barbell on the chest of the provisions of the full Seda, jumping with a barbell on the chest of the provisions of half-squats. In these exercises weight is not important important sense of «powerful legs and comfortable squats-under.

And another important thing about which would like to say: at this stage it is time to start work clean and jerk going to scissors-squat. That is all almost the same as and in the care of the low squat only care is made in the scissors, the objective of this exercise to work out a sharp care in a pair of scissors and correct the alignment of feet in the shears.